Mathews TRX 36 2020

Compound bow from Mathews
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The TRX 36 offers a 36 inch axle-to-axle with a 6.5 inch brace height. The new wider riser adds rigidity throughout the sight and rest-mounting locations, while added cutouts minimize weight. This new riser design also features 3D Damping to reduce post-shot vibration. The TRX 36 is powered by the highly efficient Crosscentric Cam system to deliver accurate energy with an incredibly smooth draw. Our new overhauled AVS and Zero-T axle bearings improve overall strength and rigidity to increase accuracy and consistency for the shooter. New enlarged diameter stabilizer bushing also increases stiffness of shooters' stabilizer set up, enhancing accuracy.

Key features:

  • Lighter and stiffer riser design for improved performance and consistency.
  • Vibration reducing damping.
  • Upgraded axle bearing for tighter tolerances.
  • C3X cam.
  • Larger stabilizer bushing provides and improved mounting for your rods, increasing their effective stiffness.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Axle-to-axle: 36"
  • Bracing height: 65"
  • Poundage options: 50 or 60lbs max
  • Mass weight: 2123g
  • Let-off: 70% (Alternative modules available separately)
  • Draw length options: 24"-30.5"
  • Speed rating: 334 fps
  • Cam: C3X
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