Easton A/C/G - 12 Shafts

Lightweight carbon fiber bonded to a precision 7075 alloy core
Straightness ± .002″
Weight tolerance: ± 1.0 grains
Components—sold separately
Parallel design

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1. 430, 480, 540 sizes use unique A/C/G point and nock pin. All others use A/C/E points and nock pins.

Precision and performance for higher scores. Suitable for all forms of outdoor and indoor archery, A/C/G is the “do it all” shaft. All Easton A/C/G (A/C Gold) shafts feature the same 4mm internal diameter for precision component selection. Alloy core covered by specially strengthened intermediate modulus carbon fiber creates a more durable, easy to tune arrow that is a true all-round performer for both compound and recurve competitors looking for peak performance in any form of target archery. Easton’s unmatched spine and weight standards make A/C/G one of the most accurate arrows available at any price. Every A/C/G is Easton-made in the USA

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