Kinetic Compound Trium X Hybrid Cam

Rotating module 26"-28" or 27.5- 30.5"
Draw weight: 40lbs-50lbs or 50-60lbs
Mass Weight: 2.160 gr.
Brace height: 7"
Axle-axle : 38"
Let-off : 70%

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The TRIUM X from Kinetic is a forged riser compound bow that fits all target or 3D archers.

The bow has been designed by a famous American compound bow engineer.

This bow is a 38" axle - axle that offers 70% let-off with a 81.1 stored energy curve. It's 32" long forged aluminum riser gives the bow the stability and strength it needs for that steady and consistent shot.

The split limbs are made of high modulus US Gordon fiber. A 7" brace height and a mass weight of 2160gr.

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