Mk Korea Handle Alpha

Limb Fitting: ILF and Fomula
Material: Machined 7075 Aluminium
Length Options: 25"
Weight: 1300g
Handedness: RH or LH
Finish: Anodized

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The first hybrid limb system riser

It’s the first launched dual system riser in the world.

Optimized to minimize vibration and resist twisting, the alpha is fast, strong and deadly accurate, like the shark that inspired its striking design. Since its introduction the alpha has been proven at tournaments around the world. We are applied in the dual system as the world’s first, it can interchange ILF of F-series limbs according to a user without addition parts. The risers have been constantly managed and supplemented for making the perfect Alpha from the beginning until now. The available colors are black, gray, red, violet, white, green, gold, sky blue, pink, blue and orange (total of 11 colors). White is painted, the other colors are applied by anodizing. It makes your choice more fun with various colors.

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