W&W Inno CXT Handle

Limb Fitting: ILF
Material: Carbon graphite/ Carbon
Length Options: 23", 25" and 27"
Weight: 23":1200g 25":1250g 27":1300g
Handedness: RH or LH (23" and 25" models RH only)
Finish: Painted, gloss finish.

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Available in a range of riser lengths for the optimal fit.
Carbon material for vibration reduction.
Design minimizes the unnecessary limb movement from the archer’s release making for an extremely stable shot.
Optimized for accuracy, stability, arrow speed and super smooth feeling.
Weight control system for improved balance and feel.
Convenient center-shot adjustment system, adjustable without unstringing the bow.
Virtually perfect limb and riser alignment.
Available in 23, 25 and 27 inch riser length. Standard length is 25" All other lengths are on special order only.

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