W&W Black Hurricane C6 - Compound

Drawlength 27" - 29.5"
Drawweight 50-60 Lbs // 60-70 Lbs

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The best carbon compound bow ever made. Made from pure carbon, Win&Win's HURRICANE C6 represent the pinnacle of nano carbon technology. The HURRICANE C6 is the perfect bow for hunting. Featuring an incredible arrow speed of 330 fps and a brace height of 6.5", you will make the experience of a light as well as a forgiving compound bow. It is stylishly designed and structured to prevent lateral twisting, making it stable and comfortable to shoot with. The HURRICANE C6 comes with a special system especially developed by Win&Win tha will allow you a fine setup of your bow without even using a press. - Axle to axle: 31" - Brace height: 6.5" - Bow weight: 3.88lbs - Draw length: 23.5-25.5" (AZS cam) / 25-27" (AZ1 cam) / 26 3/4-29 1/4" (AZ2 cam) / 28-30.5" (AZ3 cam) - Draw weight: 40, 50, 60, 70lbs - IBO speed: 330fps

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