Killer Instict Hypr 22" Swat Crossbow Bolt 6/Pk

Artikelnummer: A054553
Aantal: 50

The heavy weight of the HYPR™ SWAT™ Crossbow Bolt delivers maximum penetration to crush big game with hard hitting kinetic energy and devastating knock-down power. Advanced carbon construction creates spine consistency for greater accuracy, exceptional reliability and repeat performance. Precision sorted for straightness to +/- 0.003” for maximum consistency. 22” length straight fletched with Q2i Fusion® X-II 3.0“ Vanes, pre-installed nocks, 400 grains total weight, 0.346” diameter, 6 per pack. Designed, tested and proven to deliver advanced crossbow accuracy. Designed for use with Killer Instinct® SWAT™ XP Crossbow.

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