Petron Handle S3 Shoot Through

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Shoot through beginner riser from Petron.

Key features:

  • Popular choice amongst clubs and beginner courses
  • Suitable for both right and left handed use
  • Super safe shoot through design keeps hands safe
  • Compatable with a wide range of screw in limb options from multiple brands
  • Three colour options available
  • Tiller bolts included

The new Petron Shoot Through Bow , is suitable for both right and left handed archers who are moving up from Leisure Bows. Very simply the arrow is placed in the centre of the handle and shot from there. This is a good quality metal handle take-down recurve bow, ideal for all budding archers for use either at home or at an archery club. The Shoot Through Bow has the option of light, medium and strong limbs, therefore never having to worry about the many complex options of bow poundage. And if you are moving up from a light bow, all you have to do is change the limbs. These are colour coded on the limbs to make it simple.

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